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IT 23%

Services 18%

Consulting 18%

Bulding 11%

Wholesaler 9%

Retail 7%

Hotel & Restoration Activity 6%

Clinic & Lab 6%

2% ONG

Why be part of our sales channel?

Why be part of our sales channel?

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Solución tic 360º para cualquier PYME

Market trend

In the near future the demand for cloud services will keep a strong demand, mainly in small and medium-sized companies


All the services in one unique supplier.

We offer all technological services that small and medium-sized companies might need.


Specialists available for all our partners

Our engineers and commercial team are available for our partners to implement and maintain services.
3 extra hours of extra requests included (accumulative)(acumulables)

Training plan

We help our collaborators with a training plan to commercialise and manage our services.

Continuous innovation in standard services

We are constantly improving our services, adding new functionalities and advances in order to offer the best product.

No commercial requirements

We do not want anyone to feel obliged to accomplish with some commercial objectives which are demanding and complex

Continuous and personalized communication

We and our data centres are in Spain. Any commercial or technical issue you can contact us and we will help you.

More services, more profit.

We help our partners to develop and increase their billing through a profitable and sustainable business model.

If we win, everyone wins:

  High Profitability:
Defined depending on the business model established.

Recurring and Accumulative:
No limits. More services hired = Higher monthly incomes

Continous Profit: Linked to service life time.


What options do we offer?

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Si tienes cualquier pregunta acerca de nuestros servicios, por favor contacta con nosotros.

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√ Allows white brand
√ Adder Global just assists resellers through technical support and our commercial team in case it is necessary

√Recurrent and accumulative

√ Profitability established by reseller.

√ The reseller manages the payment while Adder Global invoices the reseller (no contact with the final client)

√ Adder Global just assists resellers through technical support and our commercial team in case it is necessary.


√ Monthly Commission recurrent and accumulative

√ High profitability

√ Adder global manages the payment and the prescriber gets a percentage

√ Adder global deals with clients and helps them technically and commercially.

Progressive Increase

The high profitability offered from Adder Global makes all sold services important.

Accumulative and recurrent

The more services sold and the more clients, the higher income for reseller and prescribers.

Permanent profit linked to the service profitability.

Continous Profit: Linked to service life time.